Fino Uomo Mens Solid Classic Fit Single Breasted 2 Piece Business Suit, Charcoal, Size 56Rx50W

Price: $85.00

At Fino Uomo, we always stay up-to-date with current trends in fashion, but we also recognize the allure of the classic fit of a 2-piece business suit. Slim-fit suits aren’t for everyone! That’s why we offer this classic style in a wide variety of solid colors and sizes. This classic look never fades and is the perfect choice for business meetings, networking events, and social gatherings. Wear it any time of year; it works well during any season.Dry Clean Only
Coat Jacket Features Notched Collar, 2-Button Closure, and Hanky Pocket
3 Interior Pockets; 2 Front Flap Pockets
Unhemmed Dress Trousers Ready for Tailoring
Flat Front; 2 Side Pockets; 2 Back Pockets

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